Getting my first real 19″ server rack

Since I moved into my new flat all of my server infrastructure was in the small storage room located in my kitchen. The main problem is that the room was actually planed for storing food and drinks and all the devices produce so much heat that for example chocolate is melting! Also all the fans make way too much noise. You can hear it from the couch. Time to upgrade this home with a 19″ rack in the basement compartment. For this we need to finally finish the CAT7 ethernet (+ fiber for later extension) wiring from my kitchen down to floor nr -1. The total run length was around 200m.

All of this had to be done before the building was completely finished fire protection seals will be done soon and then no additional cables can be run through the walls! On the picture above we see the 2 CAT7 cables, one of them ends at my energy counter for a future energy metering project, the other one ends at my basement compartment. This is also where the new rack box will be placed including the ubiquiti switch. We will use the SFP+ port for 10GBit/s copper ethernet.

Its all blinking:

And since all of the equipment was moved down my storage room now looks almost empty, only fansless devices are left 🙂

A new 10G switch from ubiquiti was installed to connect all rooms to the storage rack. It even features a small screen to show bandwidth stats!

Also the ethernet cable over the balcony is not needed anymore and the garage spot looks much cleaner now. The wifi access point has been hidden away.






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