Moving to my last flat ever

I have once again moved all of my server infrastructure to a new flat. But this will be my last flat moving ever. I bought this flat! It’s mine now.

The storage room in the kitchen already has a very fitting IKEA Lackrack shaft:

Preparing WiFi at the car

One of my main problems is that I need a solid wifi connection at my parking spot which is hundrets of meters away. I want to have an access point right at the car so I can start developing the firmware for an electric car charger in my new job.

Using powerline…

My first try to get the network down there was using powerline adapters:

But it was constantly dropping out, especially while the car was charging. We need another solution.

Using a long cable through the garden

Lets put a 500m long ethernet cable down there. Running the cable from my flat in the 4. floor to the car looked like this (I am so glad that no other neighbor was moving in the first day we got handed out the keys, I was the only one to sleep there from day 0 on):

The cable was not long enough so it had to be extended in the garage like this:

This will be my solution until I put proper cables inside the building, but for that I first need to finish my upcoming server rack in my basement compartment (more on that in one of the next posts 🙂 )

Recreating server infrastructure

Adding in all the missing server infrastructure from my last flat looks like this:

The number of storage odroid-hc2 instances already grew up to 12 units. It can tolerate up to two faults at the moment.

I am very happy about my new RJ45 patch panel, I have 2 CAT7 cables running into every room.






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