Adding some headlights to my bobbycar

Using a telegram bot for free amazon products I was able to get my hands on a free led spot light.

OrderMania or CollectMania on telegram allows you to apply for a position for free products, you have to make your amazon profile public readable and provide them a link to it. If you have already lots of orders and especially lots of positive and negative reviews, you might be aceepted. You then select one product out of thousands and ask the bot, if you can buy it. 7 days after receiving it you should give 5 star rating. After that the seller will send you the money you gave to them over amazon back with PayPal! You can keep the free product. If you delete your rating afterwards or modify it you will not be accepted anymore for future “deals”. Your rating text has to be long enough and it has to cover all the positive sides of the product…

The lamp I got for free is 230V 50W and is usually meant to be placed on the ceiling. We have to remove the internal power supply and rectifier electronics and also change the wiring that not all LEDs are in series, but put in 3 groups and in paralell. With that we can lower the voltage down enough to be easily powered by battery (and a DPS power supply for easy current regulation and power feedback). In the end we want to control the current as the resistance will change once the lamp gets hot.

Let’s see if it the lamp fits on my bobbycar:

We can bend the metal strip so that it fits to the front chassis of the bobbycar and we can fix it by using some Spax screws to secure it.

Seems to work perfectly, lets see how long we can drive until police stops me again or the lamp gets loose and lost…






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