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Other services

Domain Description
brunner.ninja Main homepage
adminer.brunner.ninja Adminer postgresql administration tool [requires auth]
cloud.brunner.ninja Cloud storage [requires auth]
dev.brunner.ninja Development environment (IDE) [requires auth]
documentserver.brunner.ninja OnlyOffice documentserver
lampen.brunner.ninja Homeautomation remote-access [requires auth]
mirror.brunner.ninja Archlinux mirror with local caching
matrix.brunner.ninja Matrix synapse homeserver
phppgadmin.brunner.ninja phppgadmin PostgreSQL admin tool [requires auth]
phpmyadmin.brunner.ninja phpmyadmin MySQL admin tool [requires auth]
radio.brunner.ninja Private radio station, might not play anything most of the time.
riot.brunner.ninja Riot.im instance configured for own matrix server
telegram.brunner.ninja Telegram web instance
transmission.brunner.ninja Download manager [requires auth]